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Why Bother With SEO in Your Job Ads?

15th Sep 2017

Many of you will have heard the term SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and may understand the basics. But, we bet you haven’t read much about SEO and recruiting, so we’re going to delve into the topic tell you why you should bother with SEO in your job adverts.

What actually is SEO? SEO is a marketing discipline focused on growing visibility in non-paid search engine results. Basically, it’s the way to get your website (or content) found in Google. This means any content on your site has to include specific features, words, links and tags. This is so that search engines can index your content to improve its ranking in the search results for particular keywords and phrases.

Why is SEO such a big deal? 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. Relating this statistic to recruitment, this means that the majority of job seekers will head to Google to search for a new role. By using SEO principles to increase the search ranking of your website, you can increase the likelihood that prospective candidates will land on your job ad and increase the number of applications you receive.

How to make your job ads SEO optimised.

Make sure the job title explains what the job is Write your ad for human readers, not just as a list of keywords Include keywords in the job advert that are relevant to the role and your industry Include your social media links and any company websites you have Add a link to the Sheffield City Region job board from your website and social profiles Share your ad on your social media channels and your website Update your landing page on a regular basis to make sure the content is fresh. (Maybe you have an upcoming job fair or event you’d like candidates to attend? Include that on there.) Make sure you don’t copy and paste the same text from another job advert, make it unique

A few more tips for a killer job ad.

Did you know you only have 10 seconds to attract a candidate's attention? It’s therefore important to make your job adverts as engaging as possible.

When writing a job advert, you should include clear, easy to read text, using bold, italic or underlined text to draw attention to specific words or points you want the candidate to see. You should also include short paragraphs or bullet points so the information is easier to read and so the candidate doesn’t get bored or lose interest.

Highlight your organisation’s strengths, benefits of the role, and use of persuasive language. Don’t mention points that could be perceived as a weakness; this is an instant way to put off prospective candidates.

A good job advert could also include employees positive experiences and their stories about the company so the candidate is reassured that it’s the right job for them. By including images of the company or images relevant to the job being applied for, the advert is instantly much more engaging.

If you’re unsure of how well your job adverts are performing, why not take a look at your competitors? If their adverts are performing better than yours, ask yourself why? How have they made their job adverts more attractive? Does anything stand out?

This blog is a brief overview to help guide you when writing job adverts. If you require further advice, we recommend speaking with SEO professionals.

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