Quality Assurance Operator (Temporary with possible permanent contract after 6 month probation)
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£8.10 per hour
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Quality Assurance Operator (Temporary with possible permanent contract after 6 month probation)

Role: Quality Assurance Operator (Temporary with possible permanent contract after 6 month probation)

Salary: £8.10 per hour

Location: Doncaster

Hours of work: 7:30am - 4:00pm Monday to Friday

Our client is one of the UK’s largest wholesalers offering a product range through exceptional customer service and efficient delivery.

Job Purpose:

Batch Packaging Record (BPR) 2nd checks
Pre-production checks and example pack assembly (PPC)
In-Process checks (IPC)
End-of-Process area (EOP)
Packaging components checks
Random example pack checks
Temperature recording and monitoring


Batch Packaging Record (BPR) 2nd checks
• to ensure second checks of the BPR are completed against the sample/s, thus ensuring the correct BPR is processed in the Production Department,
• check is carried out against the product specifications on the BPR and a sample/s of the stock.

Pre-production checks and example pack assembly (PPC)
• to ensure that packaging components are of acceptable quality and comply with the requirements stated on the BPR,
• the example pack must be assembled and compared in accordance with the BPR and fully labelled scan.

QA In-Process Checks
• to ensure that the example pack has been prepared correctly by the QA Operator at PPC,
• to check and record that the labelling, assembly and packing of the product has been completed in accordance with the example pack and the requirements of the BPR,
• to verify that components accounted for on the BPR are correct,
• and calculation of excess primary packaging is correct.

End-of-Process area
• to take all of the job bags for EOP area to the QA/QP’s office for certification and release,
• to type all released BPRs by QP to the appropriate release record spreadsheets,
• to apply green release labels to the appropriate finished goods at EOP area,
• to check the damages and excess blisters in the daily damages and unlabelled contract damages box.

Packaging components checks
• to verify that all packaging components comply with their full specification,
• to ensure the appropriate status labels are applied,
• to record them in the appropriate documents in a timely manner,
• to ensure shelf life controls are maintained.

Random example pack checks
• to complete checks on fully assembled example pack finished by QA IPC Operator randomly throughout the day in IPC area.

Temperature recording and monitoring
• produce monthly reports of temperature data (through Sensilla system) and submit to QP, including collation of any associated comments/deviations,

Other Key Responsibilities:

• Adhere to GMP, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), Work Instructions (WI’s), rework procedures, policies and other relevant guidelines and approved documents at all times.
• Collaborate with other Quality Assurance Operators to ensure that the department is working effectively and report any issues that might affect its routine operation to the Quality Assurance Supervisor.
• Be proactive and resolve or seek assistance to resolve Quality Assurance problems.
• Maintain Quality Assurance records up-to-date and in compliance with Good Documentation Practice.
• Report sickness and unexpected absences and seek approval of holidays as soon as possible to minimise impact on the running of the Quality Assurance Department.
• Raise events that have an impact on quality to ensure that incidents are acted upon and resolved.
• Participate in any reasonable task requested by the Quality Assurance Manager, Quality Assurance Supervisor, Qualified Person or the Production Manager (as approved by the Quality Assurance Supervisor

The successful candidate:

This role requires a candidate who possesses excellent attention to detail, is able to be flexible to meet the demands of the business and can work effectively as part of a team and independently. Any experience of working in a warehouse environment in a picking/packing, or a similar QA role would be desirable but not essential.

Manual Handling:

It should be noted that manual handling tasks such as lifting and bending are “essential requirements” of this role.

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