Chesterfield Canal Trust Ltd.

The Chesterfield Canal Trust is a charitable company run entirely by volunteers, incorporated in July 1997. It took over from the Chesterfield Canal Society which had been founded in 1976.
The aims of the Trust are to promote the full restoration and appropriate development of the Chesterfield Canal, and to campaign for the construction of the Rother Valley Link, a navigable waterway to join the Chesterfield Canal to the Sheffield and South Yorkshire Navigation.
Amongst other activities, we run four trip boats - the Seth Ellis in Retford, the Hugh Henshall in Worksop, Madeline at Hollingwood Hub and John Varley in Chesterfield. We also have an 90 year old ex-working boat called Python that attends waterways festivals and does canal clean-ups. Some volunteers have built Dawn Rose, the first new Cuckoo boat for 90 years, using traditional methods and hand tools. Our promotional trailer, the James Brindley, travels far and wide informing people about the canal and there are Volunteer Work Parties on the canal every weekend and often during the week. Our office is at Hollingwood Hub, which includes Katey’s Coffee Shop.
We have well over 1,800 members, who receive copies of our award-winning magazine Cuckoo and regular E-Newsletters. In addition there are meetings, social events and lots of volunteering opportunities. Membership is available via our website, which is a mine of information about the canal.