Cooper & Turner

Cooper & Turner began life in the 1800’s when Joseph and James Turner founded a gun barrel business in Birmingham. Having expanded the business into other areas, including rivet production, the company was amalgamated with Henry Cooper & Co in 1912. Production was moved to Sheffield and the company continued to be successful, supplying products for a wide range of applications including battleships and the Model 'T' Ford cars. In the 1960’s the company started to produce high strength friction grip fasteners and it was at this time that the ‘Coronet' Direct Tension Indicator was invented. This product soon established the company as the market leader in structural bolting. Strategic acquisitions throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s saw the company acquire specialist cold forge production facilities and expand its portfolio to include railway, mining and tunnelling products. Today, Cooper & Turner are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of bolts, nuts and washers for the Wind, Railway, Tunnelling, Oil & Gas and Structural bolting industries.