darts (Doncaster Community Arts)

darts (Doncaster Community Arts) is a registered charity and one of the UK's leading participatory arts organisations, with over 27 years' experience of working creatively with Doncaster's diverse communities. Our mission is to create art with people in Doncaster to improve life, learning, and health. 

We are a team of artists, makers, musicians, performers and support staff who collaborate to design and deliver creative programmes that inspire learning, build emotional health and strengthen professional practice.

Our programme is for people of all ages who live, work or learn in Doncaster. Our home, The Point, is a friendly and welcoming place which is open to all and is where we make and share art, and we carry this ethos wherever we go.

The Point has flexible workshop and studio spaces, meeting rooms, café and a contemporary gallery space with a regularly changing professional exhibitions programme.