Doncasters Bramah

We love our work and are proud of our culture: we don’t play the blame game or name and shame; our staff collaborate, support, and influence. Our Talent Management Programme works: we have a former Engineering Graduate who is now in charge of the company’s NPDI projects, Our GM was once one of our Team leaders. 

With more than 250 employees, we’re a company that cares and is going places – targeting £50m turnover by 2020. How about joining our journey?  

Based in Sheffield, England Doncasters Bramah is a state-of-the-art aerospace facility and leading supplier of civil exhaust systems to the aerospace market. Our multi-skilled workforce excels in forming processes (specifically super plastic forming, hydro-bulging and hot forming), producing complex structural assemblies. Our engine casing cells, machine and process, cast, forged and fabricated exotic materials, turning them into fully assembled engine build ready components.

In-house manufacturing facilities are further complimented by process capabilities in heat treatment, chemical milling and etching, surface preparation, coating and testing, which are fully supported by our site chemist and personnel with delegated authority sign off for most customer data cards. With all of these capabilities under one roof Bramah has complete manufacturing control and the ability to reduce production lead times significantly, thus allowing manufacture of even the most complex component in less than 6 weeks.

Our History takes us back to 1778 to a Crucible Steel Tool maker, we are steeped in the region's past, present and future.