Gripple Ltd

We are an innovative market leader in wire joiners and tensioners and wire rope suspension systems for building services, seismic bracing, agriculture and civil construction. 

Developing new, innovative products is the key to our success, but people are our most valuable asset. We are 100% employee owned, so our people care about the business, they have a vested interest in it and play a significant part in its growth. We are a unique company, producing unique products and we recognise every individual as a unique person with their own special contribution to make. So what is a ‘Gripple person’ and what is it about our culture that makes us just that little bit special? It comes down to a shared set of values and more importantly, behaviours.

Working at Gripple is not just about getting the job done, it is about contributing to its present and working towards its future. In 50 years’ time, we may not be making Gripple fasteners. For us, that is an extremely exciting prospect! 

Are you passionate? Will you go the extra mile and keep going until the job is done? Are you energetic and inquisitive? 

Can you lead by example and energise those around you? Are you prepared to challenge convention and suggest ideas for improvement?

If you think you fit the bill, please visit our dedicated careers page to find out more and see if you can own it like we do!