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Medical and Legal Admin Services Limited

Medical & Legal Admin Services (MLAS) is committed to providing high quality, maximum efficiency and excellent service to our customers.We pride ourselves on our innovation and willingness to go the extra mile. Our primary focus is to enable our customers to achieve their goals. We do this by improving efficiency and ensuring quality. At MLAS we provide a wide range of administrative services and we are able to tailor these to suit the specific needs of all our customers. 


Perfection is our goal, easy to say hard to achieve. We offer an excellent service, employ high quality, mature, professional personnel and our culture is one of honesty, support and respect. We live our culture and we encourage our experts to become part of that way of life too.


We are honest with ourselves and each other as well as our customers, we have a passion for excellence in everything we do and expect this from our colleagues.Trust – Fundamental to our future success as a team; we trust each other and wish to be trusted. Trust the team to deliver!Transparency – We are open with each other and we have a culture that allows for open dialogue both in teams and one to one. Fairness – We treat each other with compassion and equality.


We acknowledge that a team is greater than the sum of the parts; we care about each other, about our work and actively support each other to be the best we can be.Emotional well-being – We help each other and give each other time and space to ensure colleagues have balance in their lives. We care about each other!Direction/confidence – we take time to stop and think about, and discuss, the best approach to take; we focus our energy on the things that will truly make a difference. We find solutions!Encouragement – we believe in each others knowledge, skills and strengths and look to acknowledge the efforts and successes of each other regularly. We seek and we provide feedback to each other in order to grow as individuals and realise our potential. We look for the positive in people and seek to have fun on our journey together. We communicate with each other!


We are a team who respect ourselves, each other and our clients. We seek to understand without judgement or prejudice in search of the best collective result.Purpose – We thrive when we challenge ourselves and are challenged by each other to excel; we seek challenge and rise to deliver equally. We ensure that there is a common goal for everyone in the organisation.Empathy – We listen to each other; we demonstrate understanding of others problems and see from their perspective. We are one team!


We have allegiance to each other, we work to help each other and we grow together. We don’t let each other down in a crisis. We demonstrate corporate loyalty to our staff as well as personal loyalty.