Melett Ltd

About Melett Ltd
Melett is a Barnsley based company, supplying precision engineered turbochargers, turbocharger parts, and turbo repair kits to the professional turbo repair industry.

All Melett parts are engineered in the UK by our in-house team of highly skilled engineers. The engineering team offer a wealth of technical knowledge and expertise, as well as strong engineering principles, plus a thorough understanding of turbo components, and how they are used in the marketplace.

Significant investment in our own manufacturing and core production facilities, gives us 100% control of the complete production process, and allows us to maintain the highest quality manufacturing standards.

Melett's success is built on investment in design, technology and quality, but above all the right people. In our rapidly growing global market, there are exciting times ahead at Melett. If you are interested in joining us, please take a look at our current vacancies.