Introducing the Sheffield City Region

The Sheffield City Region has a diverse economy comprising a dynamic core city, important towns and market towns, fabulous countryside and a significant rural economy. With an economic output of more than £31 billion pounds per year, 68,000 businesses many of whom are family owned and world-class specialisms in advanced manufacturing the city region is a major driver of economic growth nationally.

The Sheffield City Region is home to a resident population of just under 2 million people, with an estimated labour supply of 907,000. By 2037 the population is projected to grow by 177,000.

With nine distinct local areas making up Sheffield City Region our strong public-private partnership works together as one on issues such as transport, infrastructure, housing and business support.

Sheffield City Region Map

The area’s economic base has transformed in recent years from being dominated by more traditional manufacturing to a wider range of knowledge economy sectors, including advanced manufacturing, healthcare technologies, creative and digital industries and a developing low carbon sector.

The City Region’s strategic location at the heart of the UK, strong transport links, its diversity of offer, two Universities and a number of higher education colleges, competitive house prices, high quality of life and sense of place, including the Peak District National Park, and diverse cultural offer, make it an attractive place in which to live, work, visit, study and invest.

Our region leads the UK with the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District (AMID) where university and industry collaboration help business reduce risk with research, testing, prototyping and rapid commercialisation. Both large companies and smaller (small and medium-sized enterprises) use these services.

Key assets of the Sheffield City Region include The Advanced Manufacturing Park, an extensive area close to the M1 motorway, with an impressive array of occupants including: The University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) with Boeing, which partners with leading aerospace manufacturers such as Rolls-Royce, Nikken Kosakusho Europe, Maher, and Materialise, and their supply chain companies. The AMRC has a dedicated training centre for over 400 manufacturing apprentices. The University of Sheffield’s Nuclear AMRC, a partnership with the University of Manchester, dedicated to ensuring UK nuclear manufacturing supply chain companies have access to world leading expertise. Factory 2050 is a striking, reconfigurable digital factory demonstrator. State-of-the-art technology is used in research designed to revolutionise UK manufacturing and provide the advanced manufacturing supply chain with the expertise it needs. Within the sphere of advanced manufacturing, the Sheffield City Region is also home to facilities that include Castings Technology International; The National Metals Technology Centre and The Medical Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre.

Our Olympic Legacy Park will be the biggest ‘London 2012 Legacy’ project of its kind in Europe, with facilities for business and the community. They include the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre, (AWRC), a Sheffield Hallam University initiative. The AWRC will tackle key public health challenges caused by physical inactivity, and will help the NHS work toward prevention, giving the local community immense exercise opportunities, apprenticeships, and jobs. Multiple partners will collaborate to deliver cutting edge facilities and equipment, research intelligence and commercialisation expertise to take products from concept to market.

The National College for High Speed Rail at Doncaster, opening in September 2017, will train the thousands of new engineers needed to deliver billions of pounds worth of rail contracts over the coming decades. This will include the new HS2 rail line, upgrading track and infrastructure projects.

Doncaster Sheffield Airport is one of the UK’s fastest growing for both passenger and air freight with excellent connectivity to a range of European cities and increasing global access via key European hubs.

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